16th July 

As lockdown eases, the message from our Medical Practice is the virus is still out there. We have to remain alert and stay safe. 

Face coverings are going to become more and more important, and compulsory in some situations, such as for your shopping (as of 24 July 2020). There is more detailed information here - Face coverings: when to wear one and how to make your own.

Please keep supporting the Food Larder. In the last three months they have served 3 times the normal number of people. With anticipated difficulties still ahead, they need support - they do support families in Budleigh!

The total need is now valued at more than £7,000 per month, and will very likely increase. There are drop off points in all our local supermarkets, or you can donate money at http://www.exmouthlarder.co.uk/ 

If you need support, don’t forget to call the hub 01395 446896. We can give financial support or advice for those in need. We have lots of capacity to help - so please get in touch.

14th May 2020

A big thank you to everyone who has been contributing to the Food Larder, by using the different collection points around the town. The Larder has said it is making a big difference. A special mention for Spar, who have done a great job organising their point. 

Things have become quieter on the phones at the Hub, but they still supported 103 households last week with deliveries and other jobs, including 27 new households. 

Don’t forget that the financial help is still there - the feedback has been that is very quick to do and completely confidential. If you know someone who might benefit, please encourage them to call 01395 446 896.

Things have become busier at the medical centre (not a COVID outbreak though!). Whilst the message has been that they are still there to help, there is still the challenge of keeping everyone safe. Please do not just arrive unannounced at the practice. Please call or visit the website first. They are trying to do as many things remotely as possible. https://www.budleighsaltertonmedicalcentre.co.uk/ 

And lastly, the Twitter account now has 114 followers. You can follow us at @BudleighCovid19.

7th May 2020

The Budleigh Support Group continues to coordinate help in our area. The Budleigh Hub is doing a great job manning the phone lines and doing over 150 trips each week. They were thrilled this week to receive cards from the local Primary School giving thanks to the volunteers and workers.  They also appreciate the donations and words of thanks from the residents they are helping.


A huge thank you to everyone who has donated https://www.gofundme.com/f/budleigh-support . We have reached our target of £2,000, which is amazing! A special thank you to Liz Cleves who donated a painting in return for a raffle of one of her paintings. She raised £500 for the group. 


We are trying to get families to come forward to receive financial support. We know from the local data that more families are having to claim support from the government (a six fold increase already). We can help too. Please do try to encourage friends, relatives and neighbours who you think might be struggling. The process has been praised for being confidential and straightforward, so please don’t hesitate and apply on 01395 446896.


I know everyone is keen to hear what the government has to say about relaxing lockdown this Sunday. Please do keep to the current rules until you hear otherwise. The temptation is to guess what they might say, and take risks that could endanger lives. Stay at home - protect the NHS - save lives. 


Please be mindful of issues local to Budleigh. Cycling and scooting is not permitted along the Esplanade (sea front pavement) or the river Otter path. Please be considerate of other users. 


If you are worried about someone breaking the rules, please approach them with kindness and compassion. Everyone is feeling the stress of lockdown. If you can’t resolve issues, the advice is to dial 101 and report it to the Police.

20th April

We've had a slower week with calls and requests this week , perhaps as people have been more relaxed over the Easter weekend.

The news from the Medical Practice is that the RD&E hospital are doing a great job and things are better than expected. The surgery is also finding that it hasn't reached a peak - yet.
They would like to emphasise that you shouldn't be worried about contacting them about other non viral conditions. They are still there to help, and if your condition is not urgent, they will triage you as appropriate. It is best to get medical advice than suffer in silence.

Social distancing is still really crucial.
You should stay away from family and friends, and always maintain the 2m rule. Some people won't have symptoms, so spreading the disease is very easy.

We have started to support local families in need - a further post on this later.

Lots of Budleigh businesses have adapted their working practices... please keep an eye on the www.budleighsupport.co.uk page for updates.

We continue to support residents with their shopping (doing over 30 trips a day this week), hot meals (over 250 delivered per week!), prescriptions and telephone befriending.

We are forever grateful to the team of volunteers getting out and about doing this good work.

At the school, there are around twenty children of key workers and vulnerable children in every day.
The staff are working in shifts at the school, whilst providing remote learning for those at home.

Lastly, these are unusual times. Crises are amplifiers. They amplify existing strengths and weakness.
We need to be particularly mindful of the relationships we have with each other. Now is the time for understanding and kindness.
We all worry about people not following the social distancing rules - but this needs to be approached with empathy and not aggression.

The strength of Budleigh is our community - it is has been so good to see so many people pulling together.

13th April

The Budleigh COVID-19 Group continues to support the community. 

In the last week we have:

  • had hundreds of calls each day - with the Hub staff manning the phones until late each night.

  • used over ten volunteers each day, delivering over 30 prescriptions, 300 meals and many bags of shopping each day!

A big thanks to Marc Jobson and the hub team for doing such a great job organising the volunteers and putting such a great system in place. A special mention to Mike, who is going out of his way to do the shopping - very early each day - to ensure the operation runs smoothly.


Thank you for all the words of praise for that team - they especially enjoyed the painted stone left on the doorstep!

Financial help

We have also been working to make sure we have enough financial resources in place to support families when it is needed. We can't emphasise enough how important it is to contact the hub if you are struggling. Please do apply if you are in one of these categories:

  • recently employed or self-employed, but now out of work due to COVID-19.

  • reduced employment, or income affected due to COVID-19. 

We can support those that are not normally on the benefit system, or families that will not immediately get government support. 

Please do not suffer in silence - we want to help! 

Thank you to all the groups that have contributed so far, and all the individuals on our donations page. 

Staying safe - update from the Medical Centre

The fantastic staff at the Medical Centre are doing such a great job. They have told us that the peak is expected in 2-3 weeks times. It is vital to continue the strong message to stay in and keep social distancing.

The R, D & E hospital is coping magnificently at the moment. It is vital that we protect the vulnerable and the NHS by staying at home and following the government guidelines. We have an elderly population in our town who are particularly at risk. 

We have advised to tell you to call 101 if you see residents not following these guidelines.

  • It is important you encourage everyone to stay at home. 

  • Anyone can catch it. Anyone can spread it (without knowing you have it). 

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