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If you live in Budleigh, East Budleigh, Otterton, Colaton Raleigh  or Newton Poppleford, there is support for you during the Coronavirus pandemic.
If you are unable to leave your home, we have a group of volunteers that can fetch your shopping or prescriptions.

Please note: we can only do a weekly shop for essential items only.
If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we may be able to help pay towards some of your shopping. 

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These services are being provided free of charge and on a voluntary basis. Using these services is at your own risk. Please reduce the risk of infection by following all guidance here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ 


Government info

Please take heed of the current government advice here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public


The advice specific to the population of Budleigh, where we have a more elderly population, is to know the risks.

By reducing your contact with others, you reduce your risk of getting the virus. 


Support to our community

Shopping Basket
Image by Josh Appel


Shopping Assistance

The Lions and other volunteer groups are going to provide support for those that can no leave their house to collect shopping.

Please note: we can only do a weekly shop for essential items only.

All volunteers are DBS checked. You will need to provide these volunteers with cash or pay them with a cheque afterwards.


Volunteers will not enter homes and will be wearing gloves and taking other precautions to reduce the spread of infection. 

If you are a family or individual who would benefit from this help, please call the Budleigh Wellbeing Hub on 01395 446896



Financial Support

If you are an individual or family with financial concerns due to changes brought on by circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus, please phone the Budleigh Wellbeing Hub on 01395 446 896


We will chat to you in complete confidence and discuss the help which may be available

Alternatively, if you feel you may be able to offer financial assistance for the benefit of someone in our community, please contact




If you have the time available to help others who are struggling at this time, the most helpful action is to support those local to you by checking on neighbours. 

If you are DBS checked and would like to be a volunteer, please email Marc Jobson -  budleigh@westbank.org.uk

If you do not have a DBS check but would still like to help, please email 

Marc Jobson - budleigh@westbank.org.uk


In sickness and in health, our community is here for each other.
Contact us by phone or email for support

Budleigh Wellbeing Hub


01395 44 68 96

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